Anembo Reserve

Anembo Reserve is a large reserve directly adjacent to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park that covers approximately 22 hectares, containing important habitat for a range of threatened and non-threatened native species, including one flora and four threatened fauna species identified within the reserve. Internal land uses include a horseriding exercise arena, a picnic area including BBQ seating and playground facilities. The area also includes a proportion of land surrounded by the reserve, used by the Bush Fire Brigade.

The Duffys Forest Residents Association (DFRA) aimed to give a major upgrade  to the horse arena that was unmaintained, contaminated and had blackened sand. This would include putting down a new crushed sand stone base, new sandstone boundary and a perimeter fence. However, this was a very expensive job and required lots of funding. There was a big funding drive and finally after many generous donations, the DFRA finally had enough to start the project.

Construction continued and through more donations at State Government level, through Mr Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater as well as allocation of Community Building Partnership Grants, DFRA was able to complete the project. Members of the community who donated towards this project were recognised by having their name on a sign at the entrance to the arena. Anembo Reserve reopened in 2011.